Tracking science: a way to include more people in producing knowledge

Interesting piece from Louis Liebenberg!

The term “citizen science” is intended to widen the network of people whose contribution to science is acknowledged. But the word “citizen” can be problematic. 

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3 thoughts on “Tracking science: a way to include more people in producing knowledge

  1. Marlena Buzzell

    Was it Leopole who came up with the idea to give indigenous peoples phones to track plants? This idea seems to expand upon his work.
    What a great way to stimulate/generate a sense of wonder and bridge the divide of science doubters — over a generation . . .
    There is so much tracking that can be done to track to temperature and pulse of our planet!


  2. I haven’t heard of that with Leopold, but Louis has accomplished something unique with the software developed. He walked away from University life and went off into the desert bush to learn from the Bushmen. His reasoning was to create an icon based interface that allowed for the Bushman to teach him.
    I remember being at the Museum of Science in Boston when Louis, Mark Elbroch and E.O. Wilson presented the technology, and Wilson claimed that in the hands of knowledgable field biologists, the technology would allow science to document that 80% of life still to be fathomed. Great use of technology for certain. 🐾


    1. Marlena

      yes. this. is what I was referring to. Thank you! It’s such a brilliant idea. I am very much enjoyed the video link that you sent to me sometime back.


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