Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 44 & 45
Lulsworth Cove to Swanage 12 miles
Swanage to South Haven Point 8 miles

The End

The Royal Armoured Corps Gunnery School, on the Lulworth Ranges, was our chief pedestrian obstacle yesterday upon the day’s start. It turns out that the coastal pathway past the Cove is shut off completely during the week in order to let the tanks turn their craft, so the day became a walking detour of the first magnitude. But walking is why we are here, so we walked, and walked. It was somewhat surreal coming into, and leaving Swanage today though; realizing quite suddenly that we are at the end of this magnificent walk!
Someone once quoted (I believe Kerouac) that “when you reach the top of the mountain, keep on climbing” (aka elevated thought), so we have the same question relative to doing a long walk. What do you do when you reach the end of its trail? And the answer is, for us of course, to keep moving. Moving in particular to the long thinking that goes side by side with a long walk, and tracking down the mythic significance of why such adventures are so vital to our youth. Our aim, upon beginning this walk, was to ponder this question deeply while reflecting upon all the wisdom gained from two long standing careers within education, working closely with youth, and recognizing that something very vital is missing today within the industrial model schooling them. Time for us to digest much of that grist, and work; working to put pen to paper and setting some words upon an elevated track, and story, that may serve youth in hale, whole, and hearty ways.
And so we ended our walk along the Southwest Coastal Path of England. Forty five days of walking that have blessed us with many rich experiences, and shown us a picture of a land, and its people, that will keep the internal fires burning within us for quite some time!


3 thoughts on “Walking the Southwest Coastal Path

  1. Gaslight Crime

    Have enjoyed reading these, sad when a walk ends, though the memories are there. I’ve walked it all, but never in one long go. I fear some bits I walked have tumbled into the sea.


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