Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 43
Ferry Bridge to Lulsworth Cove 14.5 miles

The weather has cleared somewhat but the humidity and clouds still obscure much of the view that we had today. Better than yesterday though, and there was rain in the forecast for the later part of the day, which didn’t impact us as we were well into our evening digs before it decided to play its hand. Some beautiful walking here along the Dorset coast, with some stunning coves and cliffs to mark the way, all coupled to some ‘sea of green’ rolling fields where agriculture reigns supreme.
We were happy to be away from Weymouth, and leave the tarmac and holiday parks behind us. There is certainly an interesting history to Weymouth from the holiday getaway side of things, but the impact of unbridled growth and expansion leaves one with a decidedly different sense of the story today. It is good to retain some of the wild lands as they are the places where the wild within finds resonance with a higher law, and the stories that breathe deeper meaning into the tracks we follow. The Great Dance! When these wild places are lost, broken up, and partitioned off, we lose something of ourselves as well, for the memories become fragmented too, and it becomes easier for future generations to become lost. Perhaps it is part of the problem we face today? And why it becomes ever more important to keep these connections and pathways open!




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