Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 38
Teignmouth to East Budleigh 14.8 miles

It wasn’t until we were 8+ miles along the way today when our feet first touched a verge of grass. Hard miles on the feet, but some intriguing moments nonetheless walking along sea walls, promenades, and outlying seaside areas. Southern Devon is very different from its northern counterpart, and very much reflective of the human attraction for the seaside life here. Interesting to pass seas of modern holiday park trailers sitting side by side to some of the oldest geological wonders like the Jurassic Coast. Many may consider these eye sores upon the landscape I am sure, but people are out enjoying what they have here, and the influence of such connections and relationships upon people far outweigh any objection I was capable of conjuring in the moment.
The weather continues to hold as we ended the last full day of summer!


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