Walking the Southwest Coastal Path



Day 33
Wembury to Buckland 15 miles

The order of the day was definitely ferry crossings. There having been three crossings to do where all were either tidal dependent or seasonal in nature, our only option was to put our heads down and walk. Not much time to stop and smell the flowers, but it felt good to just kick it into high gear and go!


Getting across the River Erme was tidal dependent so, where the tide was in, we were unfortunately taxed with having to take a taxi (£30!!), thus avoiding a 8 mile detour inland and missing the ferry crossing for the River Avon which only ran for an hour this day. All played out well though and even though we felt like we were back into a scheduled lifestyle, the day was one to treasure. Buckland feels, and looks, like something right out of Tolkien’s Shire, and the ferry crossing fit right in perfectly.


2 thoughts on “Walking the Southwest Coastal Path

  1. Gaslight Crime

    Seem to remember having to wade the Avon, but it was a long time ago. However, you are heading towards one of my favourite bits Bolt Tail to Bolt Head, then the long stretch past Gammon Head (I used to cliff climb there) and Prawle and Start Points. Many is the time I’ve walked those bits and then slept up on the cliffs under the stars.


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