Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 25
Porthollow to Falmouth 15 miles

Left the midway marker on the beachhead of Porthollow this morning and set out on a good clip in order to make the Helford River ferry crossing before the tide went out. The elements were determined to give us a sound lashing as we set out (which is when I always feel most alive anyway), yet we made the crossing with time to spare, and were rewarded grandly by discovering a cafe on the opposite shore of the


Helford which had a welcoming fire going in its fireplace to which we sat ourselves down in front of with two steaming mugs of coffee. It is very difficult to not be in tune to the business of the day with such simple pleasures, but it becomes almost impossible when everyone calls you “my darling”, “Love”, or “my lovely”! Such a polite and friendly people are found in this part of the world, and such a refreshing change from the rhetoric that dominates the nature of human discourse back home.

Our walk to Falmouth throughout the remainder of the day took us into many wooded coves and hamlets, causing us to ponder deeply the meaning and significance of maintaining a normal, healthy relationship with the land and what it means to be in sympathy with intelligence. Such richness to be able to be able to walk all day and ponder such thoughts!


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