Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 20
Penberth to Penzance 10 miles
Day 21 – Rest Day

First rainy day since our arrival here, and the walk was a muddy and boulder strewn slog of a walk along a narrow cliffside to Mousehole, then 3 miles of tarmac into Penzance.
One of those days where one’s walking pace drops to about 1 mph due to the need for greater attention and care, and a time where many might get frustrated. But we just let the sea rage and enjoyed the Cornish experience of it all, and before we knew it we were having a rewarding pot of tea in Mousehole before striking off for Penzance where our first day off from walking had been scheduled.
A restful day in Penzance, getting washed and nourished along with a few travel arrangements being attended to. Mostly a time to reflect and write, allowing the all so important digestive process to take its due. The bulk of the tourist trade has departed these shores, leaving the walking paths to the locals and other long distance walkers – we hope!


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