Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 19
St. Just to Penberth 12.9 miles

We made it through Lands End this day and were happy to find that the numbers of people visiting the landmark were fewer than normal. This rocky promontory is celebrated as the most western point of England, along with many other historical points of interest, but it likewise marks the southern terminus to the famed End to End trail which traverses the length of the island from its two most distant points, with the other being John o ‘Groats in Scotland. The somewhat carnival like air of the place even had an exhibit where one could visually experience the 1200 mile walk at a speed of 6,000 mph over just a mere moment or two! A rather nauseating experience in comparison to the more contemplative 3 mph experience that we are currently experiencing with this walk. Yet it made me ponder how much of our days are spent in such harried conditions of living, and how life itself, for many, is driven to the inevitable state of senselessness.


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