Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 17 & Day 18
Portreath to St. Ives – 18 miles
St. Ives to St. Just – 18 miles

We could say that we were just plain tired after getting here to St. Just yesterday but we’re not; we’re feeling tired after a few days of some good stretches of walking, but we’ve turned a corner so to speak. We’ve been walking long enough now where the physical side of walking isn’t an issue. We have also turned a corner in the walk; going south along the western shore of Cornwall, to walking east along its southern shore. After passing St. Ives, and rounding Cape Cornwall we’re now through the first third of this walk distance wise, while likewise coming into the second phase of long distance walking. The first phase is mostly physical, while the second becomes more of an emotional one where the feeling life becomes more of what one contends with. The third phase, from my experience, is then more of the mental challenge where the real work of long walking is putting the whole experience into new a perspective. So perhaps it was appropriate to mark that transition by an interval of a day in these daily postings charting our journey? Good to always pause inwardly and let important transitions settle!


So what are some of the emotional trials that one experiences during a long walk? It’s about all the likes and dislikes that cross one’d daily path really. Judgement, discontent, and all sorts of emotional baggage comes into play much more readily once your awareness has shifted away from the physical challenge. The first emotional challenge of sorts for many I believe is that of being content with little in regards to what typically gratifies us. Having few clothes, or learning to do without many amenities come readily into play when living out of a backpack. Our culture teaches us how to accumulate, but not how to empty; to clear up after ourselves and create an empty space. And it happens that, on many fronts during a long walk, the creation of an empty space is much more readily able to come into play. Having less in the pack means easier travel, while having less emotional baggage on your back makes for an even larger difference! How does one work toward being wild and free? You have to learn how to let things go. The true meaning of learning to go light!
More to come………


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