Walking the Southwest Coastal Path


Day 11
Boscastle to Port Issac 13.5 miles

Into Doc Martin country here in Port Issac by the days end, yet we started thIs fine day at Boscastle and soon found ourselves at Tintagel where real stories do live. Regardless of what actually happened here concerning King Arthur, there is a draw to this spot that cannot be denied. Keith Basso’s book Wisdom Sits In Places speaks eloquently about the power that certain places hold, and how over time the wisdom contained there speaks through story. There is certainly something regal that exists along this shore that attracts millions yearly, and who can say whether or not the deeper call being heard is from the hallowed halls of Camelot, or from the mythical allure of some deep and wonderfully attractive depths from within us all. Either way the call is clear, and the story is worth the telling throughout time.


The days walk was punctuated by grassy headlands and deep cuts into the shore where long switchbacks, and a few deep drops, ruled the walking day. Go bless though the ever present possibility of English sustenance and good cheer – a pot of tea foe two!


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